Lates News and Specials Offers » Finland: Investment packages with EU / Schengen Citizens ... EUROPE: Europe Commercial Packages 2015... Austria: Investment packages with EU / Schengen Citizens ... EUROPE: Register for EU permanent residence permit with Investment Europe Schengen visa Golden packages from end of January 2014... SPAIN: Opportunity of Registration Packages 2013 ended on 27 December 2013, please request " last registry packages according to 2014 low " through send an email to FRANCE: Opportunity of Registration Packages 2013 ended, new packages will be list end of January 2014.
Dear Applicants,

Closing date for admission of permanent residence is from 20/10/2014 to 10/02/2015 .Please following up after February 10 to contact via phone call or email. Applicant property buyers that have residency before or want to have property residence permit contact via phone in european branch office to place on the waiting list from five to eight months.
Note: Previous property buyers contact to Law Firm via email. Sales and marketing department personnel don’t have any responsibility in mmigration process status or administration after sale.

Europe Public Affairs Office

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